Basic Plan – It’s a Circle!

Managing your personal finances is a key factor in achieving financial freedom and living the life you’ve always dreamed of. There are a number of strategies and tools that you can use to boost your cash flow and build wealth. In this article, we will explore five sources of cash flow and five tools thatContinue reading “Basic Plan – It’s a Circle!”

Infinity Banking

Coach T from my mastermind group wanted me to write up some info on the infinite banking I utilize. If the numbers scare you don’t worry I will list a few links, books and some professionals to talk to. This is setting up your own bank for yourself or your family, utilizing whole life insuranceContinue reading “Infinity Banking”

#1 Saving Money Tip at Tax Time

Taxes, taxes, taxes. Everyone waits to the last minute and gets all their paperwork together. I threw all my info into Turbo Tax and pushed the button… I owe how much? let me go back over this again, again etc… haha. There are professionals that do this, I’m still stubborn and am doing mine thisContinue reading “#1 Saving Money Tip at Tax Time”

Fed This Fed That

The Fed had several meetings and the traders and markets all react bad this week. Rightfully so with interest rates on the rise and fears of inflation. Now that house loan will cost you thousands more over time just from a few words spoken and that is only going to get worse this year. WeContinue reading “Fed This Fed That”

Streams of Income

I choose to have multiple streams of income that are reliable and fairly steady. Real estate, stock dividends, stock trading, Crypto investing. Crypto investing can take on many forms such as just buying and holding the coins, trading the coins similar to the stock market, staking the coins. One unique feature of the crypto fieldContinue reading “Streams of Income”