What is this all About?

Everything they told me ‘Not to do’, I did, and retired early.

  • Don’t get into real estate, its hard and people call with problems at all hours of the night!
  • Don’t do your own investing, its too hard, let the experts do it.
  • Dont do Options, they are too hard and you will lose everything!
  • Don’t leverage, Don’t have debt, Don’t retire!

There are a lot of negative people out there! Gravitate to the positive people and remove the negative ones in your life is the best advice I ever received.

I can show you exactly what I did and what I should have done twenty years earlier to get out of the rat race even earlier! Try retiring at 40, 30, maybe 25!

This material has been distributed for informational and educational purposes only, and is not intended as investment, legal, accounting, or tax advice. Investing involves risk.