I’m Just a Bill on Capital Hill.

Quick post while I’m traveling in Washington DC.

After some up-days we have a little down-day, great time to sell some PUTs – Here are a few trades we are doing that expire this Friday.

GOOGL $105 PUTs filled @ 1.10

GM $39.50 PUTs filled @ 0.26

SU $31 PUTs filled @ 0.17

X $21.50 PUTs filled @ 0.17

Tesla is the dominating EV manufacturer in the world and from the old world auto makers GM seems to be the only one that might be able to compete with TESLA. So they are making a good companion trade to TESLA at a much cheaper price and I think they can hold value or gain in the long term. Look forward to see what profits they can add to our list.
Tesla filings came out that they will be processing lithium directly with a new plant they are opening in Texas, the first of its kind ever in America. Breaking ground this year and hopefully full production by 2024. I think many companies will be follow suite. We have minerals in North America, we have just chosen to outsource everything to China and then complain about it when the prices go up. Just as you can follow the trail of oil/money around the globe, I think minerals will be next. Nickel, iron, lithium… these will be the new commodity where the money will be made. Even recycling these minerals will be profitable.
I have found there is a lot of fake news around EVs, global warming, batteries among other things. Most of these can be easily explained but it does take some reading and open minded investigating. When the news on TV is saying EVs are bad for the environment and require more energy to make them than they can ever save I am just dumbfounded and have to explain to my friends and colleagues that this is all lies and twisted truths. “But it’s on tv” just like the joke “it’s on the internet, it must be true” Solar, wind, geothermal, tidal energy are all gaining momentum. Green energy is quickly gaining traction to replace old technologies. You have to understand Politics and agendas get in the way of quality information. I stopped watching the news years ago and when I dip my toes back in once in awhile, I’m shocked at some of the blatant lies people say. You have to take a step back and look at the whole picture.
Can I justify what they say? Maybe? If you get 100% of your energy from a coal plant and you only charge your car from that coal plant then I guess you would never save any energy and your electric car is polluting? But then how is that different than a gas car? You drill the oil, transport it, boil it, process it, burn it to make gasoline that you then burn in your car. It’s a real reach to say EVs are polluting and shame on you if you believe that argument at face value. Renewables are gaining ground now by leaps and bounds, according to the EPA’s website in 2020 over 20% of the U.S. electric grid is now renewables, 20% nuclear and the rest coal and natural gas.

Money talks, old money, old family’s, career politicians. They own a lot of stock, I mean a lot! Like you can’t even comprehend how much, 😂. Old automotive, big oil, coal have been the ways of the past and have been making them money hand over fist. No one wants to change the status quo, no one wants to stop that flow of money. They have fought hard to keep it the same and will continue to as long as the advertising, ads, tv talking heads is less expensive than the $ they make. The new kids have fought and scraped to get a seat at the table. Now that day is here and the old money and politicians will now start shifting their gears, moving their wealth to what makes them the most and what is easiest, the path of least resistance. The Bill/laws will start to change, then this will be the new status quo. I think it will happen fast, After years of people saying it isn’t possible, solar and wind have gained ground. From nothing to 20% of the current electric grid. California has had their grid run 100% on renewables for short periods after people said it could never get to 5%, 10%, 25%, 90%. Oh but it will never be able to do 100%, did that, done.
Now the batteries come into play. This is where the magic is starting to happen, my colleagues said batteries can never replace a gas powered generator. We need those peaker plants to fire up when people get home from work when it’s dark and turn on their tvs etc… After electric vehicles hit the road/dirt almost 200 years ago, people and companies destroying them out of fear we may actually climb out of the oil age where we burn things just like our ancestors striking flint to make fires. For thousands of years we have mined the same way and made fire. We still do things the way the Aztecs and Egyptians did! We burn coal, oil, gas to make steam then use that steam to make electricity. Thousands of years, Amazing. Now we are turning our technology towards electricity, batteries, minerals, crystals… did you know they are actually using people’s Tesla batteries(powerwalls) in California connected to the grid as a buffer now. People actually get paid by the electric company to use their stored energy. Imagine every house having a battery what would be possible. Imagine plugging in your car as back up power for you or your neighbors. So my electric AC, my electric furnace/heater, electric car, electric stove, electric oven, lights, fan, computer is powered by my solar panels on my roof with energy stored in my batteries. Is my car polluting? When I don’t pay an electric bill or go to a gas station for 4 years do you think my car is polluting? No, you really have to bend the truth to believe that. Jump on the band wagon my friends and make some money along the way.

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Oh No, Oh No, Oh no no no…

Fridays market ended a crazy up and down day, we could have ignored everything and be assigned to sell calls next week. Instead, we decided to not get assigned on all of our positions. Either way you can make good money, with the upcoming holiday on Monday we would have a short trading week so based on the companies I wanted to see if we could just roll out the contracts maybe several times.

I was trying to find a good definition of ‘Rolling a position’: Under Freedictionary.com we have a basic definition – It involves exiting the current position and immediately entering a similar position.

What does that mean? We buy the contracts that are expiring prior to the end of the day on Friday or before they can be exercised. So we are closing the contracts, but that costs us money so to offset this cost we then resell the contracts again for more money than we spent to close them, thus adding to our profits. We can try to adjust the strike price up or down but in this case we will leave it the same. We will adjust the expiration date out one more week though. So these new sold contracts will be for the end of next week.

Lets look at several positions that we rolled on Friday for some extra money:

  • GOLD – Bought for $0.07 and sold for $0.30, $23 profit per contract.
  • GOOGL – Bought for $0.25 and sold for $1.79, $154 profit per contract.
  • TSLA – Bought for $11.65 and sold for $13.95, $230 profit per contract.

That is another $1300-1400 in our pocket and we wont have to do any work next week looking for new positions or selling contracts on Tuesday morning. Sometime this can be an easy way to make a few extra dollars when something is coming up or you are going out of town and may be to busy to check on the markets.

The alternative was to just watch and wait with the prices hovering around our contract point. All three of these may have been assigned, we wouldn’t have officially known until Tuesday morning but that may depend on your broker. If we would have let that happen we could check Tuesday morning and then sell CALL contracts on our assigned positions.

I’m off to a meeting, researching new business opportunities and a new Blog platform.

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Looking back one week…

We finished the week lookin good and took some additional trades.

What exactly did we do? We traded options, we sold Puts on these stocks and a few others. Once we put in a trade and collect the premium we then initiate a trade to buy them back at 90% or let them expire at the end of the week.

  • HAL 8/26 $27 PUT for $0.24
    • Sold on Monday, Bought back on Tuesday for $0.02
  • MT 8/26 $22 PUT for $0.22
    • Sold additional Puts on Wednesday, Contracts expired on Friday.
  • SU 8/26 $31 PUT for $0.32
    • Sold on Monday, Bought back on Tuesday for $0.05
  • TSLA 8/26 $860 PUT for $20.60
    • Expired on Friday. Stock split this week adjusted contract price was $286.67

With the markets taking a dip at the end of the week we sold additional Put contracts on Macys which also expired Friday. We also sold Put contracts for next week on TSLA, GOLD, GOOGL.

Why do we buy the contracts back @ 90% gains? In this instance it allowed us to take our profits off the table in 1 day for a couple cases. This also frees up buying power to get into additional trades if available and this week they were. This allows us to make additional profit sometimes multiple times in a week.

After buying back contracts, minus fees and commissions, this allowed us to bring in about $5930.39 Not bad, that is double my old salary with just a little effort. Minus the all day meetings, travel, flights, hotels, employee reviews, career path discussions, office politics, travel to and from work, clean desk policy, discussions about your expense report(Why did u buy that on the company card?), vacation scheduling, that one person you just don’t get along with haha.

Don’t take my word for it, you can have someone demonstrate the software (Rockwell Trading) that helps me accomplish my goals or go on YouTube and watch videos of Markus/Rockwell Trading in action. You can take the time and try to teach yourself a new path or follow some experts. Either way this software is one important piece that has helped to change my life for the better.

Demo Rockwell Trading

Power X software

This material has been distributed for informational and educational purposes only, and is not intended as investment, legal, accounting, or tax advice. Investing involves risk.

Down Day, Good Day

I’m excited having a job where I look forward to Mondays to see what the market does, 🤣. Today is a down day after last weeks nice gains, we made some good profit selling Calls on our positions and had a couple stocks get called away and kept others that dropped down on Friday which means we rinse, repeat, do it again.

On down days stocks are on sale, bitcoin is dropping cutting into profits there, but we make up for it getting into new Put positions with our stocks.

Todays trades look like this:

  • HAL 8/26 $27 PUT for $0.24
  • MT 8/26 $22 PUT for $0.22
  • SU 8/26 $31 PUT for $0.32
  • TSLA 8/26 $860 PUT for $20.60

So what do our profits look like? Today we collected $2818 in options premium. Not bad for sitting on my computer for an hour. I’m going to spend the rest of the day researching some other business ideas and check on the crypto holdings. With the down turn we bought some Ethereum prior to the upcoming changes and also some Doge coin for fun.

Have an awesome day! Now, let me see what’s going on in Tiny Tina’s Adventure Land.

This material has been distributed for informational and educational purposes only, and is not intended as investment, legal, accounting, or tax advice. Investing involves risk.

Life Goes On, ba da dum didi dum

July was a slow month for trading, family drama, questioning my own existence… human stuff, dang I thought I was super human, reality check.

August is looking good, finished Matthew McConaughey’s book, GreenLights. Excellent short read or even better listen. Matthew does the audible book and he is a great story teller, loved his energy. He puts a little different spin on life, all for the good. It’s nice getting a little pick me up from a fellow optimist. Loved it. Green Light.

Tesla shares got called away, underestimated how much it can jump up but we are trading contracts to get them back and getting paid well for it so we will keep that up. Tech stocks took a steep dip and we ended up trading NVDA, ZIM, X, BUD, MARA… Took it pretty slow with all the recession fears out there and the world order fears happening across the world. On these rebounds MARA was paying exceptionally well, the others are also rebounding nicely all for nice gains. NVDA is a pricier stock and it can make some large moves. We will sell Call contracts on all of these holdings attempting to Roll up the trades for more and more gains as the stock rise if they do get called away. The Star of the show with very little effort is our crypto trading holdings, they are out performing all the other investments.

Listened to a few excellent presentations on some agricultural plays. These are all very long term but the returns are pretty amazing after 6-12 years and going out to 25, 35 plus years. Everyone wants their money today though, and I have bills to pay so I had to pass for now.

It looks like the markets are turning around from the steep declines and if they move sideways for a while, we will do very well and continue to invest. I am continuing to concentrate on 3 things currently. Option/stock trading, dividend portfolio growth, and crypto bot trading. Let me know what topics interest you and thanks for listening.

Cryptopia – Wild Wild West

Senator Warren says its ‘Air’, John Oliver referred to it as – ‘Everything you don’t understand about money combined with everything you don’t understand about computers’.

I watched on the sidelines for a while just like I did with the EV companies, until I decided they were not going bankrupt, I dipped my toes in the Crypto water last year buying a few coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge. I even got a cewl debit card from Crypto.com to get free 3% cash back in crypto coins, free netflix & spotify, You get $25 from the referral link so always up for free money.

Crypto.com Card

I remember back in the day when Paypal was taking off, they actually paid you $10 to get your friends to join. Seemed like a scam, why are they giving away money? People made a lot of money with that, I’m not a very social person so I made like $50 haha. people were bringing in thousands if you just like chatting with people. This deal is 30 years later and over double the cash!

The crypto world is not going bankrupt either or just going away, it has had over 1.8 trillion dollars flow through it this year. Politicians, bankers don’t like it, they say people use it for drugs or hiding money, they are trying to avoid the govt taxes etc… The truth is, it is built on the block chain, that is a public ledger. A see-through ledger that people can openly look at, everything is recorded, transactions, whose hands it touched, where it was used. When there was a discrepancy, investigators thought a person was trying to steal confiscated coins. Turns out it wasn’t one but two federal officers that were caught. They were caught skimming off small amounts and trying to launder it in U.S. cash. You know the paper stuff we use that is hard to trace and the world uses to hide money.

I would not be doing anything illegal or trying to hide this stuff, in five years Uncle Sam may be asking for a cut once they figure out how to use it. Another huge advantage, it is 24 hours a day, not like the U.S. stock market or banks that shut down after hours or for holidays. The crypto currency gets traded 24/7, you can send money to anyone at any time. You can buy and sell coins at 1am, Sunday at midnight or on any holiday. For anyone that has done a wire with the bank and had issues they understand. Why should I have to come to the bank in person to fill out a bunch of paperwork just to find out someone mistyped a number and I have to come back in during business hours the next day, then wait for the funds to clear for a week. Can you say old school? Might as well get in the grocery line with that one grandma writing a check for a half gallon of milk.

I was also watching the crypto trading going on for a while. I never wanted a job or obsession that I could do 24hrs a day even if i was making money at it. I have tried to design everything in my life to be semi-passive. Real-estate, Dividend stocks, Options trading, Crypto mining… if I can get paid for it without working great, while I’m sleeping-even better.

This is where Gridbot trading came in. You trade coin pairs or a program does it for you by setting up a grid of buy and sell orders for the coins. It takes the human emotion out of the trading and lets the computer do the heavy lifting by setting up thousands of trades. This would be impossible for a human to set up manually. By making the small trades it slowly takes a profit out of the market as well as taking advantage of dollar cost averaging. Ideally this would happen in a sideways market in a channel. the rises and falls during the day allow the bots to make small trading profits off of one coin and put it back in your wallet for the other coin. Most of our bots are set up with the US dollar or equivalent coin. In example BTC/USD, bitcoin to U.S. dollar. There are many, many coins to choose from so make sure to do some research.

Live Gridbot examples

With the markets at such lows this month it is an ideal time to put a little money in. Dan’s Course on grid bot trading ‘The Plan’ is a great entry level learning about the new crypto world. I have made about ten percent returns in a month so if that trend continues annualized I will be looking at a 120% return. Not too shabby but this new market comes with higher risks so definately dont bet everything on it, wade in with your toes and make sure its right for you. The coins value goes up and down but the trading profit only goes up, slowly and steadily.

1 month of trading

Every dot is a buy or sell, while you are out enjoying life. When the market goes up or down the little bots keep working to make a profit. Buying and selling all day, all night 24/7 and with every sell they take some profit off the table to put in your account. The coins value could be dropping but its the fluctuations, the little spikes in the market that allow the quick sells even in a down market. In a down market your portfolio value will drop but the bots can still make money. In an upward trend it functions the same way making little buy/sell orders but you would see the value of your overall portfolio also go up. Rt now we are at all time lows, invest some money in yourself and take Dan Holling’s course.

The Plan – Grid Bot Trading Course

Dan is an excellent teacher and will guide you on part of your financial journey to wealth.

Its only going to get more and more embedded into our lives every day. The blockchain maybe utilized for contracts soon, just as it is records everything it could be used to simplify buying a car, boat, house. Eliminating bank wires, bank accounts, delays in accessing funds for purchases. This is only going to grow amd who knows what the fnal shape will be but this new technology will become more and more integrated into everyday life, better start learning now! The possibilities are endless.

This material has been distributed for informational and educational purposes only, and is not intended as investment, legal, accounting, or tax advice. Investing involves risk.

Be Greedy when others are Fearful.

One of the famous quotes by Warren Buffet when he was asked the secret to getting Rich.

‘I can tell you how to get Rich, Close the doors. Be Fearful when others are Greedy and Greedy when other are Fearful.’

Well, I saw some of the fear last week in people, one person in a group I belong to said, she was beyond fear and into depression. That wasn’t the first time I heard that, that is why you belong to clubs and groups to get support and communication. People are losing money to margin calls and facing liquidation of their assets. Some of these companies don’t play around, they just sell all your stock. If you increase your financial knowledge you won’t end up in those situations or if you have pushed the limits to far you know how to recover. If not, you have people to talk to and review what to do next or what to do next time to avoid the pitfalls. As your assets grow you learn more and more, that thirty dollar stock drop or one thousand dollar portfolio drop are no longer scary. Now you are watching $50,000 and 200,000 drops in a day. If you are confident in your plan you are prepared, this is the time fortunes are made.

With everything going on in the world the market has seen some huge declines, into the Bear market territory now. These declines have dropped the capital values of peoples’ portfolios to the point of margin calls or maintenance margin. If you are managing your portfolio properly you won’t get to that point or you will have contingency plans in place to alleviate those concerns when they do happen. Be careful out there, good debt can allow you to do incredible things and grow very fast. It can also allow you to go from bankruptcy to a millionaire very quickly once you understand the money game and how it is played.

With all the financial turmoil amidst the bad news in the world, by the time you evaluate the data to determine if you are in a recession you might already be half way through it. I suspect that’s the case now, time will tell. We have hit some pretty major lows, broken some records, the optimistic person in me says the worst is over and we go sideways a bit and recover. The data all says the third quarter should be pretty amazing but that might just be the companies I follow close. Tesla is set to do a split possibly third quarter, if that goes through historically the stock has risen as much as 75% afterwards. The company is doing amazing things and people are afraid and try to constantly find fault. If you follow the information it is quite funny how green politicians seem to be blocking the good things they are doing to save the ancient companies in their states. SpaceX is now sending astronauts into space versus the U.S. using Russian rockets, using reusable rockets for pennies compared to what they used to spend. SpaceX is send satellites into space to provide world wide internet coverage. You could be in the middle of rain forest and read about the histories of other countries. Or some of the amazing things happening in the renewable energy sector, crypto currency and others. We are in an age of great change. China is doing so much in the renewable field it makes me want to visit their country to see the wonders of the engineering projects being built. Terawatts of solar going up in desert regions and transporting it across the entire country to major cities to provide clean power versus all the coal they had been using. Europe is on a stellar track making improvements in the green energy space and may finally be forced to stop relying on Russian oil and gas. The saudis have massive projects in place to shift them away from their reliance on fossil fuel sales. The U.S dragging behind everyone might actually be starting to get on board. The major auto companies will be putting out more and more electric vehicles dragging people into the modern age. A modern gas engine is around 15% efficient in converting that power to movement, incredible that we relied on it so long.

If you look past the turmoil and bad events being reported to get your attention or clicks we are in a wondrous time. Take advantage of it as much as you can, if you work make your self knowledgeable of the new innovations, don’t live in the past. As an investor this is the time to invest if you haven’t been. Crypto currency is here to stay as countries around the world adopt differing versions. As the stocks drop, a crypto coin pegged to the dollar, a safe coin, broke lose and eventually was lost. Billions of dollars gone, fear, I told you so in the air.

‘The time to buy is when there’s blood on the streets’ Baron Rothschild.

I’ll be putting more money in Ethereum, Bitcoin, and trading crypto coins utilizing bots now, Continue building my dividend assets and trading options. It’s going to be another exciting year with lots of change coming.

This material has been distributed for informational and educational purposes only, and is not intended as investment, legal, accounting, or tax advice. Investing involves risk.

Infinity Banking

Coach T from my mastermind group wanted me to write up some info on the infinite banking I utilize.

If the numbers scare you don’t worry I will list a few links, books and some professionals to talk to.

This is setting up your own bank for yourself or your family, utilizing whole life insurance as a savings medium. This was very popular with everyone years ago but moved away from it when the financial advisor job was invented. Now everyone pays people to manage their money, instead of knowing how to do it themselves. Wealthy people would utilize this also to great effect, the tax laws changed and everyone shifted into different forms of investing for better returns and then the tax laws changed again. Now they have been utilized for many years again but this time only the wealthy. It seems the middle class has lost interest in understanding finances now. Less than 1-2% of insurance holders now utilize policies designed this way. Even less than the number of people trading successfully.
Before certain laws changed, Walmart would actually hold a Whole Life policy on every employee they hired, even after they left the company these policies would be maintained. Warren Buffet used to buy these from companies and hold them similar to stocks. Now days the laws have changed and become more rigorous so you cannot do this without the individuals consent etc.

I will summarize the concept, but talking to an insurance agent that specializes in this is critical since this is not utilized by many, understood by less and the premiums and benefits would vary by age and health. Policy’s can also be written in different ways based on your goals. I have one with a 20 year premium and others with a 5 year premium.

A basic example would be a policy written for doing loans.
Say a $10,000 policy premium for the year. This would be a $3,000 premium with an additional $7,000 rider in the form of term life, the rider would fall off after 5 years and then the yearly premium would be around $3,000.
This might be for a $250,000 death benefit but it grows over time.
The money is placed with the insurance company to grow via dividends/interest payments. Say around 8-10% much better than a traditional bank, my first policy was around 12%. So your policy has cash value but the key is utilizing its value to take out loans and the more you use it, the more it grows. You are not withdrawing the money, it stays in place collecting interest the entire time. Your loan is technically against the death benefit. You can not take out 100% of the the policy premium the first year. Usually 70-90% depending on the individual and the policy design, so say on this $10k policy collecting interest you take out a loan of $7k and invest semi conservatively at 10-12%.

  • So: $10,000 premium the first year.
  • Interest on your policy. ~ 8%
  • Take out a loan ~ 6% Make sure your investment has greater returns!
  • Interest on your investment. ~ 10% + as traders we strive for 30% minimum.
  • Life insurance for your family. $150k

I didn’t even use my money on my last policy. If you have a margin account you could pull the money out on margin, make your premium payment, then loan the money back out and replace it back in your margin account. You get to use the same money several times! You pay interest on loans and margin, so know your numbers if you want to do something similar.
The policy value increases steadily and after 7 or so years, you can usually start to take out more than you put in or later structure it to even pay for itself.

A good banker would always pay back his loans but it’s your bank so you can decide what to do. Have a new business venture, don’t make payments for a year or two. I pay mine back at the end of each year. I have seen policy’s designed to never pay anything back, it is all accounted for with the death benefit.
Some of the numbers for business can get creative. An example was a business policy designed to pay the taxes every year of say $60k. They started with a $100k premium payment, starting the second year they started taking loans out every year. After twenty-thirty years they had loans of over $3 million but the death benefit was over 4 million so it did not matter if they were paid back or not, the insurance company with take the loan $ out of the death benefit prior to paying anyone etc…
Once you understand the concept many people can run all their expenses through a similar policy.

In example: if your yearly expenses are $100k, you have your $100k policy that you front load then take out loans as you need spending money, then your income is making the loan payments. If you have any higher interest loans or credit cards you would have your bank pay off those loans, essentially you now own the loan versus another bank. It’s a way to utilize the money multiple times. Instead of making payments to a bank you are making the payments to yourself, collecting interest on your income. Also, similar to a Heloc you could have that money available for emergencies if needed or even to make the next years premium. Kids need a car loan – you be the bank and they pay you interest, buying a house, bike, vacation.
Personally, I buy dividend stocks and the dividends make the interest and premium payments, then I just repeat it every year slowing building a pile of stocks to have forever. Load it all into a trust, including the death benefit and you just built a perpetual money machine. Teach your kids about money and it will last for generations.
Like anything do your own research.

I’m a member of the Wealth Nation community. I follow Mark Kohler for tax and trust advice. I invest in Realestate(they don’t make anymore land) and started with Norada.
I’ve included some links and book info.

Wealth Nation – Starting your own bank.
Mark J Kohler – Accountants, Trust Attourney etc.
Norada Realestate – Beginning turnkey Realestate and coaching.
Becoming Your Own Banker – by Nelson Nash

This material has been distributed for informational and educational purposes only, and is not intended as investment, legal, accounting, or tax advice. Investing involves risk.


People sometimes think the rich people are hoarding all the money in the world! But there is more than enough to go around, you just have to teach yourself to get it. Don’t wait for it to be given to you. You also have to teach yourself to remove that negativity, thinking thoughts like that only leads to you avoiding wealth. The law of attraction, like attracts like, what you put your energy and thought into will come to you. It has been explained many ways but at the root maybe unlearning some of your upbringing, school teachings, family and friends preaching. Some of the negativity that has been programmed into you over the years.

I have read a lot of good books on this subject by Robert Kiyosaki and many others. Sometimes the lessons don’t sink in, maybe its just not the right time in your life. You might have to reread those later, find a different author or other times it is like the author is speaking directly to you. I struggle trying to explain the topic of mindset and abundance to people. It just has to click in your mind and once it does you cant go back! You look at others and just want to spread the news but they don’t understand! I‘m currently reading Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker and he is preaching what I know and more so I’m loving it. If you struggle with clarity on your goals or want to have wealth, definitely give his book a read or listen. Cant afford the book? Go to the library, borrow it, look online… take some time and improve yourself and don’t make excuses !

A task he challenges us to do is; Do not think any negative thoughts for an entire week, 7 entire days. This maybe hard for some, near impossible for others but make the attempt and stop yourself when you have those bad thoughts. Over the years I have learned to see obstacles as challenges that can only make us better. I have turned negatives into positives and losses into lessons for the ages. I think I have a positive mindset and I distance myself from people who only have negative outlooks on life. I am happy, wealthy and enjoying life!
I have met people who would complain a free bar of gold was too heavy. The sky is too sunny or that meal you just bought them just wasn’t good enough for their refined taste. I have done my share too over the years but I learned we need more solutions not problems or complaints, Start providing some of those solutions.
I truly believe the universe provides for us and you just have to accept it. Doors are opened every day for you and you can choose to walk by those opportunities or walk through the door into abundance. Complaining about the door being too small or hard to open. Making comments about the door being the wrong color or shape doesn’t help you or anyone else. Walk through the doors and take advantage of the opportunities presented to you. If you don’t see any then start making some for yourself. Surround yourself with positive people, join a group of like minded individuals: entrepreneurs, bakers, engineers, gamers, what ever makes you smile and brings you joy.
Start small but learn to think big, there is a big world out there just waiting for you to grab your share.

This material has been distributed for informational and educational purposes only, and is not intended as investment, legal, accounting, or tax advice. Investing involves risk. 

#1 Saving Money Tip at Tax Time

Taxes, taxes, taxes. Everyone waits to the last minute and gets all their paperwork together. I threw all my info into Turbo Tax and pushed the button… I owe how much? let me go back over this again, again etc… haha. There are professionals that do this, I’m still stubborn and am doing mine this year until I find the right person.

The #1 tip I have heard from accountants in the U.S. is file an extension:

Its free, it lets you get your paperwork together, allows you time to research what you can deduct to get those extra savings.

Talk about taking the stress away, one click and I don’t have to worry about the looming deadline for months, all the way out to October!

All the tax rules that have changed, those items you forgot about. Business lunches, travel expenses, educational expenses, equipment costs for that blog you wanted to start writing, software…

You still have to pay and if you don’t pay by the April deadline the IRS will still penalize you. I have been hearing about these penalties for years. Don’t use your 401k=penalty, Don’t retire early=penalty, Do your taxes on time or Penalty.

What is this dreaded penalty? 0.5% per month plus a 10% penalty on the fee.

What does that mean? If you owe $1,000 you would get charged about $5.50 a month. OMG that is the dreaded penalty! $5, haha. I can invest that money and make 100 times that amount. I can find a receipt from McDonald’s where I talked about stocks with everyone. Another rule I was told never to break, well where do I sign. I’ll take that penalty all day long.

What is another benefit is this day and age? Audits.

The IRS works on a first come first serve basis. What does that mean? As soon as you file taxes, if there is anything out of the ordinary or maybe just randomly, you go on a list for review or a possible audit. There are only so many people to look at all the paperwork that is filed so when you wait a few months guess who’s name goes to the back of the line. If you are waiting till October that line may not be taking anymore people. That is not to say you wont ever get evaluated or audited and it’s definitely not a license to be bad but I’ll take the advantage of lowering my chances by a substantial amount as an added bonus.

So if you just have ’normal’ taxes: no business, standard deductions, no savings, go ahead and file your taxes. But what are you waiting for? Everyone should have a business, the entire tax code is a manual on how a business can save money. The United States was built on small businesses from the founding fathers to all the modern day politicians. I’ll go ahead and file later, in the mean time I will be continue to financially educated myself by going to Mark Kohler’s tax seminar next month where we will learn how to save thousands of dollars.
Did I mention it is tax deductible or it is in Miami, business networking, awesome meals, after party, yacht cruise… life can be hard if you make it that way. This world is a world of abundance, you just have to open your eyes to opportunities presented to you, maybe unlearn some of those lessons or rules you were taught to never break.

This material has been distributed for informational and educational purposes only, and is not intended as investment, legal, accounting, or tax advice. Investing involves risk.