Fed This Fed That

The Fed had several meetings and the traders and markets all react bad this week. Rightfully so with interest rates on the rise and fears of inflation. Now that house loan will cost you thousands more over time just from a few words spoken and that is only going to get worse this year. WeContinue reading “Fed This Fed That”

Flashback – How to start

I started with real estate by listening to podcasts and reading books. Gathering knowledge, everyone around me had said it was too risky, trouble, too hard, you will lose everything, your basic doom and gloom. I gathered my own knowledge to evaluate those statements from friends and family. You are who you associate with, soContinue reading “Flashback – How to start”

Stock Trading this week as of 10/28/21

Slow week, we had several that carried into this week not shown, but overall very good. Looking forward to the Discover Financial, if assigned selling the Call premiums look very good. Ebay also a gd company financially. I try to post every single trade in Patreon. YOU SOLD OPENING TRANSACTION PUT (EBAY) EBAY INC. COMContinue reading “Stock Trading this week as of 10/28/21”