Vacation Anytime! Not for the faint of Heart

Having a passive income allows our family to take time off when ever we need too. This weekend was my daughter’s wedding, so I wrapped up any active income/trading items and took the rest of the week off for travel and piece of mind. Passive income is still working in the background to help payContinue reading “Vacation Anytime! Not for the faint of Heart”

The Word Can Change Your Life

The old saying ‘Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me.’ We grew up hearing it and I never really agreed with it. It was used to defend against hateful bullies or people just trying to hurt you or get a rise out of you. In truth, many of thoseContinue reading “The Word Can Change Your Life”

Crypto Trading for the Win

Crypto Trading Bots  Markets are down, crypto coins have been in what they call a crypto-winter and I’m still bringing in money. I cant wait, I will be ready to double what im doing now when the markets start to turn around. Some people have asked about trading bots for crypto currency. This can beContinue reading “Crypto Trading for the Win”

Infinity Banking

Coach T from my mastermind group wanted me to write up some info on the infinite banking I utilize. If the numbers scare you don’t worry I will list a few links, books and some professionals to talk to. This is setting up your own bank for yourself or your family, utilizing whole life insuranceContinue reading “Infinity Banking”

Streams of Income

I choose to have multiple streams of income that are reliable and fairly steady. Real estate, stock dividends, stock trading, Crypto investing. Crypto investing can take on many forms such as just buying and holding the coins, trading the coins similar to the stock market, staking the coins. One unique feature of the crypto fieldContinue reading “Streams of Income”