Life Goes On, ba da dum didi dum

July was a slow month for trading, family drama, questioning my own existence… human stuff, dang I thought I was super human, reality check. August is looking good, finished Matthew McConaughey’s book, GreenLights. Excellent short read or even better listen. Matthew does the audible book and he is a great story teller, loved his energy.Continue reading “Life Goes On, ba da dum didi dum”

Cryptopia – Wild Wild West

Senator Warren says its ‘Air’, John Oliver referred to it as – ‘Everything you don’t understand about money combined with everything you don’t understand about computers’. I watched on the sidelines for a while just like I did with the EV companies, until I decided they were not going bankrupt, I dipped my toes inContinue reading “Cryptopia – Wild Wild West”

Infinity Banking

Coach T from my mastermind group wanted me to write up some info on the infinite banking I utilize. If the numbers scare you don’t worry I will list a few links, books and some professionals to talk to. This is setting up your own bank for yourself or your family, utilizing whole life insuranceContinue reading “Infinity Banking”

#1 Saving Money Tip at Tax Time

Taxes, taxes, taxes. Everyone waits to the last minute and gets all their paperwork together. I threw all my info into Turbo Tax and pushed the button… I owe how much? let me go back over this again, again etc… haha. There are professionals that do this, I’m still stubborn and am doing mine thisContinue reading “#1 Saving Money Tip at Tax Time”