Electric cars will Never work, Where will we get Lithium, and all the Metal from? Oh Me Oh My!!!

As the world transitions towards renewable energy sources and sustainable modes of transportation, the electrification of automobiles has become increasingly popular. One of the critical components of electric vehicles (EVs) is the batteries, which rely heavily on minerals such as lithium, cobalt, nickel, and manganese. In this article, we will explore the abundance of theseContinue reading “Electric cars will Never work, Where will we get Lithium, and all the Metal from? Oh Me Oh My!!!”

Basic Plan – It’s a Circle!

Managing your personal finances is a key factor in achieving financial freedom and living the life you’ve always dreamed of. There are a number of strategies and tools that you can use to boost your cash flow and build wealth. In this article, we will explore five sources of cash flow and five tools thatContinue reading “Basic Plan – It’s a Circle!”

Basic Dividend Investing

Dividend investing is a popular strategy for generating passive income from stocks. Here are some steps to get started in dividend investing: Dividend investing can be a great way to generate passive income and build wealth over the long term. By educating yourself, creating an investment plan, choosing the right stocks, diversifying your portfolio, andContinue reading “Basic Dividend Investing”

What is Happening in the Market? Crazy Stuff…

Everything is up, down sideways. The market is crashing, we are in a recession, we are going into recession, the market is recovering. Bitcoin is disappearing, all the exchanges are going bankrupt, people are stealing your money, withdrawal everything and hide it under your mattress. No matter what is going on in the market orContinue reading “What is Happening in the Market? Crazy Stuff…”

Vacation Anytime! Not for the faint of Heart

Having a passive income allows our family to take time off when ever we need too. This weekend was my daughter’s wedding, so I wrapped up any active income/trading items and took the rest of the week off for travel and piece of mind. Passive income is still working in the background to help payContinue reading “Vacation Anytime! Not for the faint of Heart”

The Word Can Change Your Life

The old saying ‘Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me.’ We grew up hearing it and I never really agreed with it. It was used to defend against hateful bullies or people just trying to hurt you or get a rise out of you. In truth, many of thoseContinue reading “The Word Can Change Your Life”

Crypto Trading for the Win

Crypto Trading Bots  Markets are down, crypto coins have been in what they call a crypto-winter and I’m still bringing in money. I cant wait, I will be ready to double what im doing now when the markets start to turn around. Some people have asked about trading bots for crypto currency. This can beContinue reading “Crypto Trading for the Win”