Retired at 50, living off investments and doing what makes life meaningful.
Lets start after High school because there is probably a book in the before…
Came from a broken family, mom was a waitress, I didn’t see any plan for my college and I wasn’t much of an academic. I was mainly bored in school, didn’t care for sports much so I came up with a plan myself. I joined the United States Army to get some disciple and college money. I was in the Infantry and learned many lessons and skills, not so many transferable to a 9-5 job but they make for some good stories.
Post Army I did some odd jobs while going to college, QA/QC for a warehouse, temp jobs. I landed some construction work where I learned a lot about plumbing, electrical, roofing, framing. I did construction jobs until I graduated from college for Electrical Engineering Technology. I landed a job at a steel mill and later an oil company. I was a network administrator, computer technician, instrument/electrical tech, supervisor, project manager.
Retired at age 50 to questionable looks from everyone, I’m used to it, marching to my own drum.
Along the way I married, divorced, married… I have two fabulous girls who are now Ladies and all grown up! I hope this may bring some knowledge for them to take away as well as start something that will be transferable through the generations. I’m married to my beautiful wife who gets to listen to all my research, ideas and plans that I think are great in my mind. She is my cheerleader and support in this world.
This all began when I didn’t get a raise one year even though I did well, there are always budget cuts and such in large companies you cant control. What is in my control? I decided to give myself a raise and finally took the leap into real estate and investing. I now have a small business I started that I put in 3 or 4 hours a week on, I think I will talk about that journey…

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