Crypto Trading for the Win

Crypto Trading Bots 

Markets are down, crypto coins have been in what they call a crypto-winter and I’m still bringing in money. I cant wait, I will be ready to double what im doing now when the markets start to turn around.

Some people have asked about trading bots for crypto currency. This can be a semi-passive trading method, I personally utilize this to collect cash every week, similar to dividends. The crypto market can be very volatile so the value of your investment will definitely go up and down. In my personal portfolio I have coins up 34% and down 28% in value but they are still making a profit trading every day.

Im currently on track to return 70% profit in a year, that is in a down market.

Full disclosure I am a member of this trading system and an affiliate. There is a Non Disclosure Agreement(NDA) in place, so specifics can not be shared but there are some exceptions I have verified. 🧐.

– In this snapshot these are my best ones that have been running between 2-4 months. That 40% in 3 months! Try to get that % from your bank, haha.

These are my worst bots this year. They have gone down in value quite a bit but are still making money. Similar to a dividend stock they still pay you if the value goes down.

Click here to Download a free PDF and signup for the free webinar. This program is closed and they have only been opening it up every 6 months so far.

How to trade coins

This material has been distributed for informational and educational purposes only, and is not intended as investment, legal, accounting, or tax advice. Investing involves risk.


Published by Jay

I came from a single parent house with four kids. My mom was a waitress and my sister helped pay the bills. I didn’t have any silver spoon in my mouth but I was able to break that cycle and I’m still learning about money and finances everyday. They just don’t teach you these things and it seemed like people didn’t want to share!

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