Down Day, Good Day

I’m excited having a job where I look forward to Mondays to see what the market does, 🤣. Today is a down day after last weeks nice gains, we made some good profit selling Calls on our positions and had a couple stocks get called away and kept others that dropped down on Friday which means we rinse, repeat, do it again.

On down days stocks are on sale, bitcoin is dropping cutting into profits there, but we make up for it getting into new Put positions with our stocks.

Todays trades look like this:

  • HAL 8/26 $27 PUT for $0.24
  • MT 8/26 $22 PUT for $0.22
  • SU 8/26 $31 PUT for $0.32
  • TSLA 8/26 $860 PUT for $20.60

So what do our profits look like? Today we collected $2818 in options premium. Not bad for sitting on my computer for an hour. I’m going to spend the rest of the day researching some other business ideas and check on the crypto holdings. With the down turn we bought some Ethereum prior to the upcoming changes and also some Doge coin for fun.

Have an awesome day! Now, let me see what’s going on in Tiny Tina’s Adventure Land.

This material has been distributed for informational and educational purposes only, and is not intended as investment, legal, accounting, or tax advice. Investing involves risk.


Published by Jay

I came from a single parent house with four kids. My mom was a waitress and my sister helped pay the bills. I didn’t have any silver spoon in my mouth but I was able to break that cycle and I’m still learning about money and finances everyday. They just don’t teach you these things and it seemed like people didn’t want to share!

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