Cryptopia – Wild Wild West

Senator Warren says its ‘Air’, John Oliver referred to it as – ‘Everything you don’t understand about money combined with everything you don’t understand about computers’.

I watched on the sidelines for a while just like I did with the EV companies, until I decided they were not going bankrupt, I dipped my toes in the Crypto water last year buying a few coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge. I even got a cewl debit card from to get free 3% cash back in crypto coins, free netflix & spotify, You get $25 from the referral link so always up for free money. Card

I remember back in the day when Paypal was taking off, they actually paid you $10 to get your friends to join. Seemed like a scam, why are they giving away money? People made a lot of money with that, I’m not a very social person so I made like $50 haha. people were bringing in thousands if you just like chatting with people. This deal is 30 years later and over double the cash!

The crypto world is not going bankrupt either or just going away, it has had over 1.8 trillion dollars flow through it this year. Politicians, bankers don’t like it, they say people use it for drugs or hiding money, they are trying to avoid the govt taxes etc… The truth is, it is built on the block chain, that is a public ledger. A see-through ledger that people can openly look at, everything is recorded, transactions, whose hands it touched, where it was used. When there was a discrepancy, investigators thought a person was trying to steal confiscated coins. Turns out it wasn’t one but two federal officers that were caught. They were caught skimming off small amounts and trying to launder it in U.S. cash. You know the paper stuff we use that is hard to trace and the world uses to hide money.

I would not be doing anything illegal or trying to hide this stuff, in five years Uncle Sam may be asking for a cut once they figure out how to use it. Another huge advantage, it is 24 hours a day, not like the U.S. stock market or banks that shut down after hours or for holidays. The crypto currency gets traded 24/7, you can send money to anyone at any time. You can buy and sell coins at 1am, Sunday at midnight or on any holiday. For anyone that has done a wire with the bank and had issues they understand. Why should I have to come to the bank in person to fill out a bunch of paperwork just to find out someone mistyped a number and I have to come back in during business hours the next day, then wait for the funds to clear for a week. Can you say old school? Might as well get in the grocery line with that one grandma writing a check for a half gallon of milk.

I was also watching the crypto trading going on for a while. I never wanted a job or obsession that I could do 24hrs a day even if i was making money at it. I have tried to design everything in my life to be semi-passive. Real-estate, Dividend stocks, Options trading, Crypto mining… if I can get paid for it without working great, while I’m sleeping-even better.

This is where Gridbot trading came in. You trade coin pairs or a program does it for you by setting up a grid of buy and sell orders for the coins. It takes the human emotion out of the trading and lets the computer do the heavy lifting by setting up thousands of trades. This would be impossible for a human to set up manually. By making the small trades it slowly takes a profit out of the market as well as taking advantage of dollar cost averaging. Ideally this would happen in a sideways market in a channel. the rises and falls during the day allow the bots to make small trading profits off of one coin and put it back in your wallet for the other coin. Most of our bots are set up with the US dollar or equivalent coin. In example BTC/USD, bitcoin to U.S. dollar. There are many, many coins to choose from so make sure to do some research.

Live Gridbot examples

With the markets at such lows this month it is an ideal time to put a little money in. Dan’s Course on grid bot trading ‘The Plan’ is a great entry level learning about the new crypto world. I have made about ten percent returns in a month so if that trend continues annualized I will be looking at a 120% return. Not too shabby but this new market comes with higher risks so definately dont bet everything on it, wade in with your toes and make sure its right for you. The coins value goes up and down but the trading profit only goes up, slowly and steadily.

1 month of trading

Every dot is a buy or sell, while you are out enjoying life. When the market goes up or down the little bots keep working to make a profit. Buying and selling all day, all night 24/7 and with every sell they take some profit off the table to put in your account. The coins value could be dropping but its the fluctuations, the little spikes in the market that allow the quick sells even in a down market. In a down market your portfolio value will drop but the bots can still make money. In an upward trend it functions the same way making little buy/sell orders but you would see the value of your overall portfolio also go up. Rt now we are at all time lows, invest some money in yourself and take Dan Holling’s course.

The Plan – Grid Bot Trading Course

Dan is an excellent teacher and will guide you on part of your financial journey to wealth.

Its only going to get more and more embedded into our lives every day. The blockchain maybe utilized for contracts soon, just as it is records everything it could be used to simplify buying a car, boat, house. Eliminating bank wires, bank accounts, delays in accessing funds for purchases. This is only going to grow amd who knows what the fnal shape will be but this new technology will become more and more integrated into everyday life, better start learning now! The possibilities are endless.

This material has been distributed for informational and educational purposes only, and is not intended as investment, legal, accounting, or tax advice. Investing involves risk.


Published by Jay

I came from a single parent house with four kids. My mom was a waitress and my sister helped pay the bills. I didn’t have any silver spoon in my mouth but I was able to break that cycle and I’m still learning about money and finances everyday. They just don’t teach you these things and it seemed like people didn’t want to share!

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