World Troubles

Prayers go out to people affected in the Ukraine today. 😢❤️‍🩹

World troubles mean the markets will be effected good and bad. Some stocks will go up while other will go down. If your holding the ones going down it can be very scary as well as the ones going up, what to do?

The stocks we are trading currently:

  • BAC – 1 day Put, will look at gain tomorrow
  • UNG – Rolling Calls – Energy and oil plays generally with shoot up with a Russian conflict.
  • INTC – Rolling Calls
  • TOL – Rolling Puts
  • TSLA – Rolling Puts
  • TUP – Calls in place
  • GOLD – Calls in place
  • QYLD – Holding, acquiring more
  • SLVO – Holding

I just wanted to throw out some stock info real quick for encouragement. When the markets take big hits or go down, this is the time to invest. This is when things get scary and people run, this is also when money is made. Never invest what you cannot afford to lose because it isn’t about getting rich quick. The market may keep going down for awhile, but I will be investing the whole time. When it comes back is when you feel good about your decision.

This weekend I may do a post on leverage if anyone is interested. One thing I was told never to do was leverage my money. I was also told to never invest borrowed money. Two big NOs that I threw out the window.

This material has been distributed for informational and educational purposes only, and is not intended as investment, legal, accounting, or tax advice. Investing involves risk. 


Published by Jay

I came from a single parent house with four kids. My mom was a waitress and my sister helped pay the bills. I didn’t have any silver spoon in my mouth but I was able to break that cycle and I’m still learning about money and finances everyday. They just don’t teach you these things and it seemed like people didn’t want to share!

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